Sunday, October 25, 2015

Part 2 - Three End Time Things - Things Which Are

Perhaps we should review a moment, it has been a couple of weeks since the First Message, “The Things Which Thou Hast Seen.” There are the three things that open the Book of Revelation. We have opened the Revelation of Jesus and there is a quickening in our spirit as we see evidence of the End-Time of things. There was a call for Pray that we might discern what the Spirit of the Lord is saying unto the Church in this day; and remember the “gates of hell shall not prevail! The First of the Three things were spoken to John, a disciple of Christ who was exiled to the Isle of Patmos while the rest of the Disciples suffered martyrdom, John the Beloved was caught up into the Throne room of God with the End-Time Revelation of Jesus the Slain Lamb of God – and commissioned; “Write the things which thou hast seen!” John saw the miracles of Jesus, he saw the dead raised, he learned the Word of God as he sat at Jesus feet. John saw Jesus persecuted, beaten, and he saw the Lamb of God crucified! In this Revelation John saw Christ walk in the midst of the Church.  “That which John had seen, was Salvation revealed, sins forgiven, and Eternal Life promised. The question arises; “Does Humanity grasp the Life Blood of Jesus that was poured out for them, a covering for their sin, and an Eternal Destination?  In Part 2 of this Message we explore the second thing –  “The Things Which Are!: This deals with the Church, the saints. As Jesus is unveiled in the midst of the Churches of Revelation we learn what He is looking for in His Church! We hear the Promises that Jesus gives to the Faithful, we sense His sorrow over the shallowness of their love, and the fact of some being a stumbling block to the Children of Israel. His heart hurts over the false teachers and the false doctrines that He hates. There is great warning to those who seduce God’s people with false teachings. He cautions the Faithful: Be watchful, strengthen whatever remains, and keep your works perfect before God. Watch that no defilement overtakes you. He challenges us, if we will keep the Word of His Patience, and not deny His name, He will keep us from the hour of temptation. His great desire is that we be hot or cold, never lukewarm! Truly in these three chapters of Rev. The heart of Christ is revealed! Savor His promises, burn for Him.   Loving you, Pastor

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rev. Greg Wood Mexico Orphanage

We the Commerce family are blessed to support several Missionaries. Dr. Janet MacArthur who just returned from Nepal. We features her report a couple of weeks ago and rejoiced at what the Lord has done through her work in the nations and especially these past weeks in Nepal. Dr. Gene and Mary Lois who live most of the year in Jerusalem. They keep us abreast of what is happening in our beloved Israel.  Rev. Eva Couglin who is several months at a time in Burma [Myanmar]. She serves there in various avenues of Ministry and with an Orphanage also.  Rev. Debra Slight who has returned to Liberia. These are Ministers of Shalom Ministry.  We also remember in Prayer along with the above another Shalom Minister who is a Pastor in Japan, Rev. Ruth Wehrer. We are also blessed to have a Home Missions Program. Headed up by our Assistant Pastor Jewelly Hyden and Members of our Church Family which serve every Thursday as people come into the Commerce Cupboard to receive groceries. We especially want to thank these folks who faithfully serve the Food Ministry – Beverly Smith, Lennert Boecher, and Rev. Doug Messiner along with many other volunteers. Under Rev. Doug Messeger’s Ministry, members of our Congregation serve three Saturdays a month at the Homeless shelter and under his direction we serve several Tent Communities. Today we welcome our Missionary from Mexico.  We are blessed to have Bro. Wood with us in service and look forward to his report from the Orphanage in Mexico. Bro. Wood served with his Father in Mexico as a young boy. Pastor was blessed to have Greg in her home while he finished high school. Greg is her son in the faith. A several teams from Commerce has been blessed to visit the work in Mexico several times. On the last visit we were able to teach in the Bible College, the Church and Minister with Dr. Wood.  We were honored to visit the grave of Greg’s Father. Bro. Greg’s Father and our Pastor were Teachers together at Bible College many years ago. The Wood Family is very special to Pastor and we are pleased to have him in service with us today.  Commerce Community Church has a Mission Heart and God continues to bless our efforts.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Celebration of 33 Years

How awesome it is to Celebrate 33 years with the Commerce Family! It rejoices my heart to walk among you all and to be your Pastor. As I muse over the past 33 years I immediately note quite a few of our Commerce Family has continued on into Eternal Life. I remember them and most often the place where they sat and worshiped with us. When I came to you those many years ago there were 12 members and I was shocked that they had decided they wanted me to Pastor and I didn’t even know I was a candidate.  It was my first Pastorate, and O how green I was!  God has blessed us as we have sought to fulfill His will in this little country Church.  We are no longer a little country Church for the city has caught up to us big time. But what you see here on this hill is truly not what we are, for we are blessed to be so much more.  In these 33 years, with the Commerce Family’s faithfulness to the Lord’s House – your servitude, your giving, your concern for the less fortunate – together we have taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ into many nations, into many prisons, and all around the good old USA. And in our midst, God has raised up Teachers, Ministers, Missionaries, and Servants for the Kingdom of God. Together we have done exploits for Jesus; with about 35 people we added on to the Church in 2000 at a cost of approximately $150,000. The Lord met the need daily as we worked. And in 2012 we burned the mortgage! We continue to have a “vision” to expand one more time!  At the 25th year we opened the Corner Stone and saw pictures of the past – but the most important item was: One Page of the Bible and circled in red on this page was “I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matt 16:18 We are a Blessed People as we sought to obey the Word of God!  Our Quest Matt. 25:34-36; It is our quest to send forth the Word of the Lord and to Minister to the less fortunate and together we have accomplished this. Our desire is to be a Lighthouse on this Hill and to send forth the Message of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour! On a personal note, thank you for always voting one hundred percent each year, when a vote of confidence as comes before the congregation. I am overwhelmed at your trust and love for me!    Loving you, Pastor